Lego Generator

Computer code which generates various Lego® bricks in 3D. Written in Python for Autodesk Maya.

When run in Maya, this script creates a user interface with controls for generating a variety of Lego® bricks and pieces.

The script was used in a school project to generate an accurate 3D model of a real Lego® vehicle.

The interface generates real-to-life sized lego blocks (in centimeters) and provides a library of colors from actual Lego® sets. The interface can generate regular Lego® blocks of varying dimensions, both full-height and flat, as well as blocks with holes in them as found in the Lego® Technic sets. The interface can also generate the basic Technic beams along with wheels, axles and a huge variety of connector pins and spacers.

The script itself can be downloaded from Highend 3D.